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Construction Services Weekly Project Meetings
  • Weekly project meetings with all team members including subcontractors, engineers, architect and client
Progress Reporting and Budget Updates
  • Budget updates on a weekly basis including actual to budget and change order requests and updates
Tool Box Meetings
  • Weekly toolbox meeting with our employees and subcontractors
  • Topics will include safety issues, schedule, lead time and answers to RFI's
Quality Control Program
  • Daily project reporting by project superintendent
  • Inspections on a weekly basis including all systems
  • Continuous development of punchlist prior to architect's final punchlist
Job Site Records
  • Full set of job site records on job at all times, including daily reports, safety inspections, weekly job count projections, updated schedule, submittal log, shop drawings, samples, ongoing as-built drawings, purchase orders, subcontractor change orders and contracts, certificates of insurance
Assist Move Coordination
  • Coordination with furniture supplier and voice data
Equipment Start Up
  • Inspection of existing equipment
  • Testing and balancing of new equipment
  • Training sessions

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